Sleep Apnea

Replace your CPAP with an FDA Cleared Appliance for Sleep Apnea

We are the only practice within a 25 mile raidius to use a FDA approved appliance. 

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Extreme Comfort

According to the Department of Health, 80% of people prefer an appliance over a CPAP. ASD credentialed dentist will fit you with a custom appliance for sleep apnea.

extreme comfort



No air pumps, masks or tubes.


Fits in your pocket and easy to travel.


Treatment Preferred 80% of the time over a CPAP.

Easily Adjustable

Simply advance the bottom jaw and bite.

FDA Cleared

FDA cleared to treat sleep apnea and snoring.

Replace Your CPAP

Replace your CPAP with a comfortable appliance.

Little or No Cost

Bill Medicare and Medical Insurance.


The most comfortable appliances.

American Sleep Dentistry

Are you interested in treatment with a FDA clear applicance for Sleep Apnea? Call Aaron M. Parada, DDS in Union City, NJ at (201) 865-6740 to learn more!